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24 Sep

#HERMoJo - Exhausted Athlete? Female Athlete Triad with .@WSNet & .@FemaleTriad

12:00 - The Female Athlete Triad meets HERMoJo!


The Female Athlete Triad is a syndrome of three interrelated conditions that female athletes & players often expereince.

They exist on a continuum of severity, including: Energy Deficiency with or without Disordered Eating, Menstrual Disturbances/Amenorrhea, Bone Loss/Osteoporosis.

Read more about Female Athlete Triad - extract from MoJoManuals - helping teen girls enjoy competitive sport by overcoming some of the many issues they face!

The advice we offer in the Feeling Good zone – bone health, healthy food, rehydration, the menstrual cycle and smart training – is there to  help you train well and support you being a young woman as well as an athlete. We want you to be on top form and avoid habits which can lead to lack of energy, tiredness, disrupted periods - and even fragile bones. Any combination of disordered eating, menstrual
problems and bone health in female athletes (plus any associated energy deficit/lowered performance) is often described as the ‘Female Athlete Triad’.

Food and water to fuel your exercise - Eating the right foods at the right times will help avoid ‘Female Athlete Triad’ – other signs to look out  for are: feeling overly tired from excessive training, over exercising or decreasing the amount of food you eat. Abnormal eating habits restricting foods, skipping meals, eating disorders) can also result F.A.T. symptoms – causing low energy levels. These can disrupt your period and increase risk of injury. So, eat and drink smart to train smart! 

Keep track of your menstrual cycle - By using a period tracker app (or tracking the start and end dates of you period in a diary or calendar) you will be able to work out your menstrual pattern. Irregular or multiple missed periods can impact bone health by disrupting oestrogen levels. If you have missed periods or your periods haven’t started by the time you are 15 OR if you began breast development more than three years ago and haven’t started your periods, it’s worth arranging a check-up just to make sure everything is OK.

Bone growth – your bones are growing fast in the early teens so, again a healthy diet that includes calcium (see page 32), sensible training and period tracking are all essential to keep them strong.

Read more about HerMoJo HERE - Buy/Download your digitalcopy HERE - prices from1 Euro

"HerMoJo - Empowerment, Inner strength & outer confidence, combined with the resilience to overcome fear of judgement in sport . . . and the ability to grow that confidence into everyday life to become a stronger more empowered women." Find out more . . . HERE!

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25 Sep

#NETBALLMoJo VIDEO - Alaanah Quinn gets going with .@VolunteerZambia & .@SportInActionZ - #MoJoAFRICA

12:00 Alanah Quinn - Volunteer Zambia (Netball) .@SportInActionZ


Sport In Action (SIA) is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) whose purpose is to improve people’s quality of life through sport and recreational activities.
Working in Zambia using netball to empower girls into leadership - more info http://sportinaction.co.uk/   Follow them onTwitter - @SportInActionZ

Find your NETBALLMoJo

WSNet HerMoJo programme supports the INF Creating Choices with NETBALLMoJo - more info:

  • WSNet's work in Africa - HERE
  • International Netball Federation - #CreatingChoices programme - HERE
  • NETBALLMoJo - written by key contributors around the world is designed to help girls overcome many of the issues they face in both western and 'third world' communities starting out in netball. 
  • Order you copy here - www.wsnet.co.uk/netballmojo

International – we’re currently working to get NETBALLMoJo translated (into Zulu, Xhosa, Swahili etc.) and digitised. Keen to work with UK NGBs and International Federations to help get the ‘Empowerment through Sport’ message across. Digital editions can be distributed virtually free (e.g. 50 Rupees) and delivered directly, circumventing local (often misogynistic) prejudices – we believe that gives WSNet a unique momentum that can really change the lives of girls in both western and 'third world' countries. If you can help please email paul.r@wsnet.co.uk with your interest.

Background to Women’s Sports Network
Is a self-funded, cooperative network of groups and individuals working independently as associates and part-time volunteers. It is a not-for-profit community approaching one hundred thousand worldwide. Crystallising the issues & coordinating opportunities around WomenSport & Fitness by working in partnership with commercial/NGBs/educational/Charity organisations to raise the profile of WomenSport & SportsWomen. Advocating better access to Sport/FITNess, alleviating gender-bias and empowering women & girls through sport & fitness in their everyday lives.


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28 Sep

#GenderEQUALITY & SPORT ♀ VIDEO VIA: .@HeForShe .@CalArts

12:00 - Attitudinal changes towards gender equality - key drivers of progress


HeForShe supports #HerMoJo - a gentle 'nudge' to help get more women & girls, more ACTIVE!

Attitudinal changes towards gender equality - key drivers of progress in societies around the world

UN Women’s HeForShe movement has partnered with the internationally renowned California Institute of Arts to promote gender equality through the arts. The partnership engages students in CalArts’s animation programs to tackle persisting gender stereotypes and drive cultural change through the production of original animated short films addressing serious barriers to gender equality.

Despite the positive developments in recent decades and the fact that a formal equality does exist in most 'Western' countries, gender inequalities still persist in many aspects of the sport world, from doing sport, to coaching or administration, media representation, and at all levels – in grassroots sport as well as in elite sport. Progress remains slow and fragmented in this area.

Why not join in? Follow them on Twitter: .@HeForShe

Promote your WomensSports video on #WSNetTV - send a link to jo.c@wsnet.co.uk with some info about your exercise programme.

Have you seen MoJoManuals? FOOTBALLMoJo, LACROSSEMoJo, ROWMoJo, NETBALLMoJo – www.WSNet.co.uk/MoJoManuals

MoJoManuals addressing the wide range of issues which teenage girls face as they engage in competitive sport. Predicated on 'Physical Literacy' but also cover a range of other emotive issues such as: body image, diet, fit or thin, social media, training with menstruation, coaching style etc. – which impact how girls engage/drop out of sport – and potentially go on to be elite athletes and confident, mature young women outside of sport.

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29 Sep

#MenoMoJo ♀VIDEO - Coping with the Menopause by being ACTIVE with Katie Morris & .@menomatters

13:00 - reduce symptoms, find energy & confidence & love what you see in the mirror"


Stretching through Menopause - Katie Morris takes you through some of her great stretching and postural routines to help as we age.

A basic stretch routine that can be done in the morning of before bed to reduce menopausal symptoms, find more energy, regain confidence & love what you see in the mirror

One of the most popular questions I am asked as a coach is should we be stretching more as we age? Are there benefits or is it a waste of time? Find out what I have to say in this short video, and stay tuned until the end as I give you a bonus full body stretching routine that can be done every day to help improve your flexibility and therefore reduce aches and pains in the long term.

Try Katie's routine - each day for 15 mins - more info from Menopause Matters

Contact Katie - kmofituk@gmail.com

MenoMoJoTV - find yours, follow us (@MenoMoJoTV) for daily updates on new videos supporting you & your menopause - Advice, support & guidance. A joint initiative by The Women's Sports Network in partnership with Menopause Matters magazine (@menomatters) supporting women in being more ACTIVE during their menopause.

Your Video on @MMTV - Free to our 100k followers!!

If you would like your MenoVideo to appear on MMTV – please submit a link to Katie on info@wsnet.co.uk and we will distribute it to our 100k followers at no charge.

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