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28 Oct

#ACTIV8aFRIEND #SYNCHRO with Kingston Ladies .@ladies_kingston to #ACTIV8sFriend

Find #FemaleFriendly Clubs/Classes to #ACTIV8aFriend on @ACTIVEMapX


Kingston Ladies Swimming Club supports #ACTIV8aFriend - a gentle 'nudge' every month to help get more women more ACTIVE

Most women only need a 'nudge' to get more active - so WSNet runs a monthly #ACTIV8aFRIEND programme on social media.  Why don’t you join us on the 'eighth' of each month and invite a friend, rellie or neighbour to join you at your class . . . or for a run.  If you run a #FemaleFriendly class/club - offer a discount, voucher, BOGOF . . .or just a FREE session if people bring a friend.  You get more folk joining your sessions - we get more women more ACTIVE - and have a fun time on social media tweeting about #ThisGirlCan - and it's FREE - we will RT many the best tweets/pix to our 45k community.

So why not join us? Keep the spirit of @WomenSportsWeek & #ThisGIRLCan alive and #ACTIV8aFRIEND once a month - more info HERE - and don't forget our FREE #FemaleFriendly activity-finder - ACTIVEMapX - HERE - 28,000 people are now listed - are you?

Find out more about #ACTIV8aFriend and get ACTIVE with your bezzie, mum, sister, daughter, neighbour or work collegues. 

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