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31 Aug

#ACTIV8TV ♀ Get your ACTIVE message across to our #FemaleFriendly community on .@ACTIVE8TV

Your Women's Sport & Fitness TV


Promote your 'Women get ACTIVE' and 'sports-nudge' videos on ACTiV8TV 

WSNet has set up ACTiV8TV as part of the #ACTIV8afriend programme.  Once a month we encourage women & girls to get ACTIVE together.  #ACTIV8afriend is a 'roll out' of @WomenSportsWeek. A FREE, non-proprietary, community-programme designed to get more women, more ACTIVE and help clubs/classes get more members by making an 'offer' once a month to those who bring a friend.

YOUR women's Sport/Fit TV Channel - on-line from 1st-8th of every month

We run ACTiV8TVbetween 1st-8th of each month in the build up to the ACTIV8th of EVERY month.  So many clubs and organisations have set up their own promotional videos. These have flowed out of programmes such as #LIKEaGIRL & #ThisGIRLCan. But how many of these videos get watched - often on YouTube but can’t be found.  We search You Tube for suitable coaching/training or motivational videos and schedule them ever hour from the FIRST of the month until the ACTIV8th.  There's a 'snapshot' below of recent 'broadcast' schedules.

You can help us to help you get more women more ACTIVE by sending your training, diet or ACTIVE promotional video ready for 'broadcast' next month.

WSNet doesn’t charge for this service but we do reserve the right to reject programmes without reason.

Promote your video on #ACTIV8TV. Send a link to jo.c@wsnet.co.uk, your Twitter @Handle and some info about your club/class. 

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