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22 Oct

#HERMoJo ♀ Mums' TEAM - real mums leading community activity .@Mums_Team from .@ACTIVE8TV

13:00 Mum's Team - a new project from Yorkshire Sport13


Mums' Team supports #ACTIV8afriend - a gentle 'nudge' every month to help get more women, more ACTIVE

  • Welcome to Mums’ Team, a new scheme running in both West Yorkshire and South Yorkshire. You’ve just taken the first step to becoming one of the most important people in your local sporting community. A bold statement? Maybe. But that’s what Mums' Team is all about. We want to provide you with everything you need to inspire friends and family to get involved in sport, be fitter, be healthier and, most importantly, have fun.
  • Join Mums' Team today by emailing mumsteam@yorkshiresport.org or tweet @Mums_Team

So why not join us? Keep the spirit of @WomenSportsWeek & #ThisGIRLCan alive #ACTIV8afriend once a month on the 8th! More info HERE - and don't forget our FREE #FemaleFriendly activity-finder - ACTIVEMapX - HERE - 32,000 people are now listed - are you?

Promote your video on #ACTIV8TV? Send a link to jo.c@wsnet.co.uk with some info about your club/class. 


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22 Oct

#BASKETBALL VIDEO WATCH as .@bballengland finds HerMoJo with #ALLGIRLS

12:00 - join Patricia Fairclough pitch-side with 'All Girls'


England Basketball launcheslaunches new 'All Girls' campaign and ambassador network.

WAtch the video and see how this programme is focused on changing the game for women & girls. 

It's 'All Girls' basketball

'All Girls' has been influenced by nationwide research carried out by Basketball England and will address the barriers faced by women and girls at grass roots level, while promoting the sport’s success stories.  All Girls will create awareness of opportunities for females to play, coach, officiate or volunteer and shine a spotlight on the female role models, such as the Great Britain women’s team.  

“This is national campaign to promote the sport and increase opportunities for women and girls of all ages and abilities to get involved in basketball. It will focus on the sport’s grass roots, promote the continued success of our Great Britain women’s team - and everything in between,” said Stewart Kellett, Basketball England CEO.   

“A huge amount of planning has gone into developing All Girls and once someone picks up a basketball, the infrastructure that we’re developing as part of our wider women and girls’ strategy will hopefully mean they form a lifelong affiliation with the sport.”

To find out more about All Girls, visit www.basketballengland.co.uk/allgirls.


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24 Oct

#HERMoJo ♀ VIDEO - Diet for success with @katemoloney_ & @watson_lizzy - #MoJoAFRICA

12:00 Diet for Netball - Powering Performance


Diet for netball - Top level performances require smart nutrition - that’s why VIS netballers Liz Watson and Kate Moloney choose fish for protien and Omega-3. - Supported by WSNet's HerMoJo programme

Getting ready for a match? It’s often the last 15 mins that winners win . . . or is it when losers lose? Sometimes you just run out of energy in those closing minutes. Could it be the fuel you’re using? Even before you start playing big competitions it’s worth getting the right fuel for a match or tournament.

Before – Avoid eating big meals within 2 hours of exercise. For an effective pre-game snack, try fruit, low fi bre carbs or cereal bars.

During – between quarters, on the subs bench or at half time, top up with a couple of Jelly Babies for fast releasing energy.

After – your body will be crying out for carbs, protein and fl uids so plan to eat something within 30 mins. Sometimes you feel less hungry then, so a yogurt, glass of semiskimmed milk or a sandwich is perfect. You can take it as soon as you come off the pitch, perhaps with a banana. A more structured, yet light, refuel might be an omelette with juice or water. 

Find your NETBALLMoJo

WSNet HerMoJo programme supports the INF Creating Choices with NETBALLMoJo - more info:

  • WSNet's work in Africa - HERE
  • International Netball Federation - #CreatingChoices programme - HERE
  • NETBALLMoJo - written by key contributors around the world is designed to help girls overcome many of the issues they face in both western and 'third world' communities starting out in netball. 
  • Order you copy here - www.wsnet.co.uk/netballmojo

International – we’re currently working to get NETBALLMoJo translated (into Zulu, Xhosa, Swahili etc.) and digitised. Keen to work with UK NGBs and International Federations to help get the ‘Empowerment through Sport’ message across. Digital editions can be distributed virtually free (e.g. 50 Rupees) and delivered directly, circumventing local (often misogynistic) prejudices – we believe that gives WSNet a unique momentum that can really change the lives of girls in both western and 'third world' countries. If you can help please email paul.r@wsnet.co.uk with your interest.

Background to Women’s Sports Network
Is a self-funded, cooperative network of groups and individuals working independently as associates and part-time volunteers. It is a not-for-profit community approaching one hundred thousand worldwide. Crystallising the issues & coordinating opportunities around WomenSport & Fitness by working in partnership with commercial/NGBs/educational/Charity organisations to raise the profile of WomenSport & SportsWomen. Advocating better access to Sport/FITNess, alleviating gender-bias and empowering women & girls through sport & fitness in their everyday lives.


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24 Oct

#WSW2017 ♀ Skateboarding .@FitBits_ .@activesussex .@lauraofbrighton

17:15 'She Shredders' get going & have a rollin' workout with 180's! @ACTIVMapX


FitBits supports #ACTIV8afriend - a gentle 'nudge' every month to help get more women more ACTIVE!

Tess Agnew, www.activesussex.org Ambassador - aka FitBits - a Brighton-based runner & triathlete, is trying her hand at a number of new sports. She recently attended a 'She Shredders' Skateboarding session at Brighton Youth Centre. Find out how she got on...

She Shredders train every Thursday at Brighton Youth Centre, from 6.45pm - 8.45pm. The sessions were originally set up with Sportivate funding through Active Sussex, led by Ricardo Magee Atxukarro - Sports Development Officer at Brighton & Hove City Council.

Sponsored by Active Sussex Gold Tier Partners: Freedom Leisure & University of Chichester
Read Tess's blog: www.thefitbits.com

Most women only need a 'nudge' to get more active - so WSNet runs a monthly #ACTIV8aFRIEND programme on social media.  Why don’t you join us on the 'eighth' of each month and invite a friend, rellie or neighbour to join you at your class . . . or for a run.  If you run a #FemaleFriendly class/club - offer a discount, voucher, BOGOF . . .or just a FREE session if people bring a friend.  You get more folk joining your sessions - we get more women more ACTIVE - and have a fun time on social media tweeting about #ThisGirlCan - and it's FREE - we will RT many the best tweets/pix to our 45k community.

Follow @FitBits_ .@activesussexMore info on Laura of Brigton HERE 

Video by @LauraOfBrighton. For more information about how you can have video and podcasts produced for your business visit http://www.lauraofbrighton.co.uk

So why not join us? Keep the spirit of @WomenSportsWeek & #ThisGIRLCan alive - #ACTIV8afriend once a month on the 8th! More info HERE - and don't forget our FREE #FemaleFriendly activity-finder - ACTIVEMapX - HERE - 32,000 people are now listed - are you?

Promote your video on #ACTIV8TV? Send a link to jo.c@wsnet.co.uk with some info about your club/class. 

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