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TV Times

21 Jul

#HerMoJo - How Sports Impact the Lives of Women @Sham_Kohestani

11:00: TEDxUNC - Shamila Kohestani - How Sports Impact the Lives of Women

21 Jul

#HERMoJo - ♀ Get your ACTIVE message across to our #FemaleFriendly community on .@ACTIVE8TV

Your Women's Sport & Fitness TV

21 Jul

#HERMoJo ♀ Mums' TEAM - real mums leading community activity .@Mums_Team from .@ACTIVE8TV

13:00 Mum's Team - a new project from Yorkshire Sport13

21 Jul

#THISISNETBALL - The Knee PROGRAMME with .@TeamAntcliff, .@AussieDiamonds & NETBALLMoJo - @Vitality_UK .@NetballWorldCup #THISISNETBALL

13:00 - The AUS Knee Programme meets HerMoJo!

23 Jul

#HERMoJo - Do schools kill creativity? Sir Ken Robinson .@Her_MoJo

19:00 - entertaining and profoundly moving case for education that nurtures creativity

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Cross County Skiing - the toughest sport?  A great...

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11:00: TEDxUNC - Shamila Kohestani - How Sports Impact the Lives of Women

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